What’s your background?

I was born in Israel in a suburb of Tel Aviv. After High school I served in the army as a logistics officer. Then, I got my Bachelor of Science (BSC) degree after 4 years of electric engineering focused on computer science. I worked 7 years as an embedded firmware engineer for Marvell semiconductor building and developing ARM based platforms. In May, 2014 my wife was relocated to the US and I came with her to NYC.

What is your role at Meural? What does it involve? 

My role is to design and develop the full system of the frame-server-mobile firmware and back-end. It involves developing the firmware for all the frame hardware including main board, sensors and display. It also involves the design of the frame UI, the server website and the communication between the parts. Part of the role is to lead other developers to build the pieces and make sure everything works as planned.

How did you become a core member of the Meural team? 

A common friend introduce me to Vlad, the CEO. We talked and both sides were happy for this opportunity. After a successful ‘hackathon’ which showed the potential of this project, I joined the Meural team as a core member.

What’s the hardest part of your day? 

The role requires working on multiple areas which sometimes are orthogonal to each other and sometimes affect each other. The hardest part is to design a coherent system with all the parts working together. This system is designed from scratch and therefore there are so many components which requires forward and backwards thinking.

What do you most enjoy about working with Meural? 

The best part is to build something new from scratch and see it grow and develop over time. You start by designing piece by piece and then when it is all connected like a giant puzzle it puts a smile on my face :).

Lastly, what’s on your Meural?

My Meural will contain Surrealist paintings like Miro, Dali or Magritte.

- Sim