What’s your background?

I’ve been a people person in a tech context for nearly a decade now. In 2013, I moved to NYC from Paris, France. In Paris, I directed a department at ISART Digital, a private university for video game design and 3D animation. This was a big job - I started the department from scratch and grew it to a number of employees, serving over 2000 students while I was there. The department continues to grow, as does the number of young people going into video game design and 3D animation - love it.

I lived in Paris for 8 years. Before that, London. I was born in Australia.

What is your role at Meural? What does it involve? 

I’m Director of Business Development, or ‘people person’, as I like to call it. I bring people into the Meural fold - artists, creators, collaborators, Meural users, advisors, partners…

How did you become a core member of the Meural team?

Soon after I arrived in NYC, I was at Techstars with Codestarter (an awesome CA-based non-profit, dedicated to giving all kids the opportunity to learn coding and computer skills). Around this time, I met Vlad (Meural CEO) at a fancy SVB drinks function. Initially, I thought I’d met someone who’d potentially be able to help us out at Codestarter. Vlad and I arranged a coffee meeting, and found we really shared a lot of the same values and interests (hardware being one of them). Many coffee meetings and invigorating conversations later, I met Jerry (Meural COO). This led to me becoming a part of the founding team.

What’s the hardest part of your day? 

Being patient when people don’t arrive to in-person or phone meetings on time - this happens way too often. Punctuality goes a long way.

What do you most enjoy about working with Meural? 

I’m surrounded by incredibly smart, brave, caring, and talented people - I truly can’t think of a better team to ride with. Also, I love that every day is different - it’s challenging and wonderful. Finally, finding art and photography and meeting the people who make it is always inspiring and fun.

- Vlad