At Meural, we partner with museums, galleries, and image libraries to give you a fabulous adventure through the world of art. You choose the art or photography to suit your mood and… voila! A Monet or a Gris or a view of the Earth taken from the Apollo 11 is displayed beautifully on your wall.

In addition to the big guys, we also partner with individual up-and-coming artists. There are brilliant artists out there creating really special art and photography, and we want to open the door to these individual creators too.

This week, we’re talking to artist Eleanor Lutz, creator of You’ll be intrigued by Eleanor’s science background - incredible how she blends science and art!

Eleanor, could you give us a little background on yourself?
Well, I’m a designer working mostly on science related art projects. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology last year, and since then I’ve been working on science infographics and posters. Right now I work freelance from my home in Seattle.

Could you tell us about
Tabletop Whale is my blog where I post personal projects about science. I make a mix of still images and animated GIFs, and I try to update the blog about once a month. I’ve been a bit behind on updates the past few months because of work, but hopefully I can make some time for another infographic soon!

You create beautiful art. What excites you about what you make?
I really love biology and research, so getting to share awesome biology concepts with people is probably the best part of my job. I try to design things that make science accessible for anyone, whether or not they have a formal education in science.

How did you come to meet Meural?
I first heard about the company when Sim from Meural emailed me about working together on a set of designs for the Meural canvas. Meural was the first company I’d heard of that made digital canvases, so I was really excited to be a part of the project.

What is Meural to you?
For me, Meural is an awesome way to share my art as part of a home or office space. A lot of my designs are repeating GIFs, so it’s hard to get the full effect across in a static poster or a paper print.

What’s next for you?
I’m actually going back to school this fall for a PhD in Biology, so that’s going to be my next long-term project. I’m excited to get back into research and learn new ways of collecting data!

Thank you Eleanor!

- Sim