Could you give us a little background on yourself?

I am a photographer based in San Francisco. In sum, I am a yogi, artist, athlete, and beauty seeker. My work focuses on fine art and commercial portraiture.

You create beautiful work. What excites you about what you make?

Well, thank you! I get excited about creating characters and illustrating narratives that are based on the people I’ve met and places that I have explored. There is an undertone of romance and a softness in all of my work, elements that I find to be the most beautiful.


How did you come to meet Meural?

Through my dear friend Sim who is on the Meural team. My first experience with Meural involved my recent personal project of video portraits called Idle Time. Meural’s digital frame was a perfect asset to the scene I built for one of my characters.

What is Meural to you?

Meural, to me, is about accessibility and variety. My boyfriend and I are big on finding special pieces to hang on our walls, we take great pride in the work we have collected. Meural is a product that can expand our collection to include works that would otherwise be out of our price range or accessibility. Additionally, and the asset that I find to be the most appealing, is that I have the option to change the showcased artwork on Meural at any given time - allowing an otherwise static room to take new life.


What’s next for you?

I am gearing up to showcase a new body of work for the U.S. based French Tourism board, the #LoveTravels campaign that I shot for Marriott International is growing, and I am currently promoting the aforementioned video portraits series Idle Time.

- Sim