Each installment features a photographer discussing a piece of equipment they can't do without—and a photograph they couldn't capture without it.

Photographer: Braden Summers 

Equipment: Westcott Scrim Jim Large Reflector Kit

Why he can't do without it: "My work is always very narrative, when I'm telling stories I prefer to tell stories that are ethereal, yet very much attainable - and I think that it's easiest to achieve this look using all natural light. The six foot Scrim Jim that I use is basically my "right hand man", I bring it everywhere I go. I am able to enhance the natural, ambient light of my surroundings with the Scrim Jim without needing to add any artificial light."


How it influenced the featured photograph: "The natural light this day was incredible, adding strobes to the shot would have dumbed down the final look and taken away from the "natural" essence that the image retains. The scrim jim just added the most beautiful fill on each models' face."