Each installment features a photographer discussing a piece of equipment they can't do without—and a photograph they couldn't capture without it.

Photographer: Andrew Millan

Equipment: Tiffen 77mm Variable Neutral Density Filter

A neutral density filter is important to my practice, because it allows me to photograph different landscapes at any exposure. This piece of equipment allows me to maintain the same exposure of sunny sky and deep blue lake and is necessary in any photographer’s toolkit.

Tiffen’s Variable Neutral Density Filter was vital to this photograph because it allowed me to expose for the sunny sky and keep the volcano in the background visible while keeping the same exposure of the lake’s water from going too dark. This shot wouldn’t be possible with out a neutral density filter because I would have had to choose what I wanted to be visible—either the sky or lake—because they were at different poles of exposure. The clouds and sky would’ve been blown out with highlights if I exposed for the shadows on the lake.