Each week, we bring you the backstory of work featured in our collection, written by a member of our curatorial team.

Julie Siracusa's "Above the Surface"

by Sara RobertsonSenior Curator

Julie Siracusa is a contemporary artist living and working in Lafayette, Louisiana. Today, we introduced Julie’s kinetic, minimalist paintings of water to the platform. Process is so important to Siracusa’s work that we wanted to ask her a bit more about how she approaches her underwater (and above) creations. Below is an exclusive Meural interview.  

Water is present in all of your work. What draws you to this element as a subject matter? 

Water makes me feel alive. It always has. Most of my vacations are to islands where I can chart a boat and get out on the water.

Your paintings are based off of photographs that you take. Can you tell me about that process? 

For my images below the surface I use my trusty underwater camera and a weight belt. It’s kind of funny that I need a weight belt. I’m super buoyant for such a small person.

Julie Siracusa's "Below the Surface"

What leads you to adopt a particular point of view or perspective (above/below) for a piece?

I’m looking for layers of contrast and depth with energy.

You've once told me you are a minimalist. Can you expand on that? 

I’m a minimalist in all aspects of my life. Clean lines and an uncluttered environment are a must for me. I designed and built my home after studying architecture and fine art and employed minimalism throughout.


Some images of Julie's home

From our collection on my.meural.com is there a particular artist that is your favorite? If so, why?

Vincent van Gogh mostly because of his story and prolific works. Can't wait to see the movie “Vincent”!

For a short video on Julie's process, check this out.