Each week, we bring you the backstory of work featured in our collection, written by a member of our curatorial team.

Yen Linyu, Will You Remember Me?, 2012

by Poppy Simpson, Head of Curation

This month I’m delighted to offer our first playlist in collaboration with The Sketchbook Project, the flagship endeavor of a Brooklyn-based company that’s committed to organizing global, collaborative art projects.

The Sketchbook Project is a crowd-sourced library featuring over 35,000 artists’ sketchbooks, contributed by creative people from all across the world.


Wendy Bos, Travel Memories from Vermont and New York, 2015

I visited the project a few weeks ago at the Brooklyn Art Library—a public exhibition space in Williamsburg—and was blown away by the breadth and depth of their playlist. It’s a wonderful place to spend an afternoon, leafing through the shelves and discovering an array of different imaginations.

The Sketchbook Project

If you can’t immediately visit the library, however, you can still enjoy a taste of the collection with the first of our monthly sketchbook selections: a travel-inspired gallery of sketches that roam across the globe, from Italy to Taiwan, New Zealand to New York.

Charlotte Vallance, Travel with Me, 2012

The Sketchbook project is just one of a series of partners that Meural is currently working with. Users can also enjoy unique and monthly updated collections from the New York Public Library, Retronaut, Sedition, Creative Action Network and more.