Meural had a warm few months of happy incubation at Con Artist Collective gallery in the Lower East Side. These bright folk took good care of us: nurtured us, inspired us, laughed with us (and occasionally at us - hello, humility…). They offered advice and thoughts, and generally left us alone as we took up probably more than our fair share of table space.

Now, Meural is coming back to mama. We’ll be displaying the Meural digital canvas for you to play with and marvel at. This is a chance for you to be one of the first to experience the Meural digital canvas, and to see some of the Con Artist Collective artists have their art featured in a most special way.

Come on this trip down memory lane, and be the future with us. The next part of the story is you.


Saturday, April 11th - 12 Noon - 4 PM

Con Artist Collective - 119th Ludlow Street (Near Delancey St.)


- The Meural Team