Meural team meetings began late in 2013 at Cafe Grumpy in midtown New York. After brainstorming our way through many cups of something, we gathered our founding team at the Meural hackathon in Chinatown in early 2014. From here, we moved to the warm incubation of the Con Artist Collective gallery space in the Lower East Side. Finally, we have now settled into our very own office in the Flatiron Area. We’re growing, learning, and now: launching. 

Today, we debut the Meural digital canvas. We believe that it should be delightful for everyone to put the beautiful art and photography they love on their walls, in their spaces. It should also be easier for up-and-coming artists to get their work out there. It’s 2015, it’s time.


For the next 60 days, the Meural digital canvas will be under $500, and available in three hand-crafted wood frame designs. The Meural digital canvas, however, isn’t just beautiful - it’s functional and ‘smart’ too. Some serious bang for your buck.

We designed the Meural for you. There are three ways to control it: through the invisible gesture control at the frame, and through the web and mobile app if you’re on the sofa or out and about. It will adapt to the light in the room, and go to sleep when you do. With the Meural Timeline feature, you can set what you see, or leave our curators to do it for you.


We’ve partnered with museums, galleries, the impressive image libraries, and individual artists to bring you the greatest variety of art and photography out there. We’ve also made it simple to display and optimize your own art and photography. Best of all? The matte display means you’ll have a hard time convincing visitors that Yes, it is a digital display and not a print. Yes, really. REALLY!

Jump on this magic carpet ride with us (a very Aladdin way of saying join us). Let us take you to the past, present, and future of art. Be in control of your space, your home. After all, it’s 2015, and having beautiful art in our home should be simple and delightful.

- The Meural Team