We’ve had a exciting start to the new year! We’ve shipped our first batch of frames, and are receiving invaluable feedback from our amazing customers every day. We’re deeply thankful for your support in improving the Meural platform. If you have questions, or need help using your frame, visit our support center, or reach out to support@meural.com.

We’ll be continually releasing stability and optimization updates to your frames, and have been fixing bugs and adding features every day. We want to take a moment to introduce you to our latest features:

Timeline - Set times for galleries to show, or to put your frame to sleep. Find this feature in your frame configuration under “My Frames” on the website. Simply click on the timeline, and drag segments to the correct size. Click on the segments to make them active and to select what you’d like to show at that time.

Cropping - No more black bars, crop your images to fit perfectly on your Meural frame. In a gallery that you own, click on an image. You’ll now see a cropping icon in the set of buttons at the bottom right. Click this to open the crop. Cropping is non-destructive, so crop as many times as you’d like without altering the original image.


Reorder Your Images - Simply drag and drop images in your galleries to reorder them. In a gallery that you own, hover over an image. In the top left corner, you’ll see a grab-able grid icon. Drag the image from this point to reorder the image.