The goal is to make it feel seamless, elegant, and beautiful. Success is in the details. And we’re happy to report on the progress we’ve made over the past few months in getting ready for the first production run of the Meural digital frame.

We feel very good about the development, our partners, and the full process that we’ve built. Most importantly, we are still on pace to ship this Fall.


Manufacturing and Assembly

The full bill of materials (BOM) is complete and the manufacturers are beginning to produce the different components that go into Meural.


Most of the electronics are being produced in Asia - based on our designs and specifications. Following our successful visit to China in July, we have gone through multiple rounds of development and testing. Everything is working well together - including the optimized display, the on-board computer, the ambient light sensor, and the gesture control mechanism.


The wood components are sourced in the United States and the frames will be made in Pennsylvania to ensure top quality by experienced woodworkers and craftsmen.

The final assembly is taking place in California where our team is able to review each final Meural digital frame, and to oversee the final packaging and shipping.


FCC Certification

Because the Meural digital frame is an electronics device with wireless connectivity, we are required to obtain certification from the Federal Communications Commission of the United States.

The certification requires a multitude of tests conducted by an approved laboratory. We are completing these tests via a lab in the U.S. and will be receiving final certification in the coming weeks. 


Shipping and Packaging

Finally, after everything is carefully designed, developed, and manufactured, it’s very important for the Meural digital frame to arrive safely to all those who ordered.

Our team is in the midst of testing different packaging designs to make sure that the frames travel well and arrive smoothly.

It takes a lot of hard work and focus to create a great product. We’re very proud of what we’ve built and are very excited to share it with the world in the coming months.

Thank you for your ongoing patience, feedback, and support!

- The Meural Team