Last week, I wrote about Richard Clarkson’s design process and his amazing work. This week, I will focus on the thinking and process that went behind our display selection. I hope each week to provide a behind-the-scenes look into Meural’s product development and design.


The Finish

The display is vital part of the Meural. It is essential that our display show artwork in its natural appearance. If you look at your TV, smartphone, monitor and most other electronic devices, you will likely see pixels and your own reflection. Our focus is on art and our display needed to be different.

We chose a matte finish as it absorbs light to allow art to show organically. You can appreciate the brushstrokes, layers, and craft of all the great pieces: from Rembrandt to Pollock. It also gives the digital, moving art a classical treatment and better feel. It makes photographs clear and attractive.

The Size

Meural is meant to be seen and appreciated. The display size was an important consideration. After many comparisons, customer interviews, tests, and by talking to manufacturers – we found the 27” was the perfect size.

People explained they didn’t like hanging large displays (40”+) on their walls. It takes too much time and labor. And it usually requires buying a separate wall mount. When we looked at the 21” – 24” displays, we saw that artwork looked diminished. The size is fine for a monitor, but it was too small for the purpose of art. The 27” display was the perfect starting point.


27” vs. 23” Size Comparison

The Technology

The Meural display is a gorgeous 1080p LCD IPS display. IPS (in-plane switching) displays show consistent, accurate color from all viewing angles. Image enthusiasts are adamant about this technology because IPS reduces the likelihood of ‘image-ghosting’ where pixels of the display get stuck on a color of a previous image. It also allows for smoothing refresh rate of images, so video files and animations run better.

We decided to implement LCD (liquid crystal display) technology because of its quality, durability, and accessibility. We explored other technologies such as E Ink - but found that they are not technologically ready yet.

I’m proud to say we went through a rigorous process of research, development, and collecting customer responses in selecting our display. There was a lot of trial and error, back-and-forth with manufacturers, and a lot of user testing. I believe we’ve got the right balance of technology, beauty, and affordability.

- Jerry