In each installment, a guest writer chooses one Pantone color they find particularly meaningful, intriguing, or just aesthetically beautiful—and tells us why. 

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By Rich Miller, artist

As a designer, I am addicted to the Pantone color matching system. Nothing beats the good ol’ PMS!

However, I am rarely able to use Pantone colors in my work as a fine artist. That is why I was thrilled to be part of a series of group shows titled 'INT-O Yellow' which kicked off at the New York-based art collective Con Artist Gallery.

"Uncle" Riley, collective member and activist, created a color dubbed International Optimism Yellow in collaboration with Pantone. Artists within the collective contributed works of art with upbeat, optimistic themes. The goal of the project was to inspire positive works of art and public displays of optimism, which can then help to create a brighter reality and promote collaboration.

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