In each installment, a guest writer chooses one Pantone color they find particularly meaningful, intriguing, or just aesthetically beautiful—and tells us why. 

Check out our collections dedicated to Pantone 196 C—in vertical and horizontal.

By Nacho Frades, artist

PANTONE 196 C is the closer color to my favourite, a slighty reddish gray. Pantone doesn't have all of the colors—I feel very limited if I think in color.

The strong reddish gray is a color I used often when I did graphic design many years ago.

My paintings during that time were obscure and dark. I used to paint in black and white, but one day I saw a strange color in the background of a website a friend of mine had done, and I captured the color and put it in a Photoshop palette—it was gray, of course, but with a very little bit of red!

For me, this is the color of metaphysics—it's the sky and the floor, it's fog, it's hot, it's luminous, brilliant, and I have painted a lot of works with it. This magical color changed my way of understanding painting, and the end of the black and white period.

It's a color I can feel as "mine".

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