Introducing: Battleground

A documentary photography project, commissioned by Meural

Rodger Slings, 63, farmer in Prairie City, IA

"You know, I don’t like Donald Trump, but I’m going to vote for him. I feel like at least he’s going to get in there and rattle the cages a bit. Because some of those ole’ boys have been in those cages for too long."

12 battleground states. 12 photographers.

Since 2004, 12 states have remained competitive in the presidential elections—up for grabs by either the Democratic or Republican parties.

To showcase the inherent diversity of these ‘battleground states’, and to explore what makes them so politically volatile, Meural has enlisted the help of 12 photographers. Each has been commissioned to take two photos of local voters—be they Democratic, Republican, Independent, undecided. The goal is to cut through well-worn voter tropes, and to meet and hear from the real people. (The photographers have also captured quotes to accompany each image, offering another glimpse into the voter perspective.)

Meural was incubated out of a gallery on the Lower East Side, and is dedicated to remaining on the ground floor of the artist community. Battleground is one effort of many to be a part of innovative artistic endeavors across the nation.

Below you can see a sampling of the works. You can also explore the full collections in either orientation:

New Hampshire

"It’s a civic duty to vote. This should be taught in school and emphasized. The people should know about their government and vote. They should know about politics...understand the issues. People are not talking about issues. It’s about personalities. I’ve never seen where both candidates are disliked by the people. You’re not voting for anybody but you’re voting against somebody."


- Marilyn Johnson


"I mean you see him on tv, but to see him in person….off-camera, he’s talking to the crowd like he’s talking to a guy in a bar. And that’s what warmed me up to him. ‘Cause...he wasn’t worried about being politically correct, he said what I think he felt from his heart."


- Jim and Kitty

North Carolina

"I want to vote for someone who does not see me as transgender or a man in a dress. I want to vote for someone that sees me as a citizen of the United States and as a North Carolinian."


- Candis Cox

What was profoundly interesting to me about this project was spending time with people who seemed to have such big hopes for America. I was left admiring Americans more than discovering any new feelings for Donald or Hillary. Portrait photography, particularly street photography, is a unique opportunity to be intrusive in a way that isn't normally socially acceptable. A camera gives you license to interact, even "play", with strangers. There's a thrill in asking strangers to take a chance on you at a first meeting. And there's an intimacy in having a stranger's undivided attention, albeit for five minutes, and to be given that rare opportunity to capture something truthful, unexpected and profoundly human.

- Georgina Richardson

Meet the photographers

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