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The Meural Canvas gives you instant access to 30,000+ works of art

—and it's easy to upload your own images.

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"You could spend your life savings on a few world-class pieces of art, or you could save that cash and instead hang one of Meural's new digital canvases..."

"...so realistic, you want to reach out and touch the brush strokes."

"Could This Digital Canvas Be A Gateway Drug For Art?"

"Featuring a matte 1080p 27” display with ambient light sensors, the display will be crisp and vivid enough to display even the subtlest chiaroscuro."

"The discovery component of the Meural ‘digital canvas’ makes it appealing to the indecisive set."

"Meural looks like a regular wall frame, until you move your hand in front of it in a swiping motion."

"...simultaneously a beautiful object and a platform to display Meural’s body of images."

"Our Media and Tech Lab found the images super-realistic and the app straightforward to set up and use"

Featuring 30,000+ images from the past, present, and future of art

We've built a vast and varied collection of world-class art, and we're constantly growing and curating our library.

Showcase your own art and photography

Are you an artist?
Are you an artist?

It's easy to upload, curate, and schedule images—just another reason we're the must-have device for any artist or photographer.

Seeing is believing

Meural's TrueArt technology—a proprietary blend of hardware, firmware, and software—renders each work lifelike and textured.

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Instant, seamless control

Control with simple gestures

A slight hand wave allows you to change what’s on your wall.

Meural Canvas and mobile app

Control remotely

With the Meural app and my.meural.com, you can add, curate, and schedule art.