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Bring art to life

"A magical painting whose contents can change, Harry Potter-style, in an instant"

" realistic, you want to reach out and touch the brush strokes."

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At home in any space

Our styles harmonize with rooms of all shapes and sizes.

Discover new art every day

Find works you love, or upload your own. Then, change them with the wave of your hand.

Our curators have built a dynamic library of world-class art.

It takes seconds to showcase your own art and photography.

Change art instantly with gesture control or our app.

Supporting artists at every step of their career

We don't just give artists a platform, we give them 60% of what we earn on our art.

"It elevates my art, helping me reach a bigger audience that I never had the capability of doing." — Jonathan Mclntosh, Artist

In the press

"Crisp and vivid enough to display even the subtlest chiaroscuro"

"The dynamic Meural Canvas allows you to switch art pieces with a flick of the wrist."

"It's like The Met or MoMa on a hot date with Snapchat."

What our community says

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"The texture, the color, the display—it's honestly mesmerizing. You are quite literally bringing a beautifully curated gallery of art straight into your home (not to mention, framed and everything!)"

—Verified Customer

"I'm incredibly surprised at how much art they keep putting up there that I love and have never seen before"


"Most people don't realize it's digitally powered until the image changes"

—Verified Customer
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