Each installment features a photographer discussing a piece of equipment they can't do without—and a photograph they couldn't capture without it.

Photographer: Jay Wesler

Equipment: 190 Aluminium 3-Section Tripod and XPRO Ball Head

I'm a landscape photographer and I use a tripod for most of my photography. A trusty, solid, well-made tripod with a ball head has always been essential to my collection of camera gear. I've used my Manfrotto for so many scenes and it has always held up in any type of weather. A good sturdy tripod will bring maximum depth of field for long exposures and sharp focus.

For this scene I was perched on top of a cliff looking down into a creek bed.  Pre-visualizing the photo, I wanted to show movement in the water, so using a tripod was essential to stabilizing the camera for a long exposure to express the flow of water. I also had to zoom in with a telephoto lens, so a tripod was necessary for sharp focus showing maximum depth of field. My essential piece of camera equipment, the tripod, allowed me to record the scene I pre-visualized for this landscape photograph.

"Bear Creek, Montana" by Jay Wesler