Wow, we’ve been busy! But not too busy to say Thank You. We are very grateful for the vibrant Meural community of art and photography lovers and makers.

Thank you for your ongoing support, feedback, positivity, and patience. The growing Meural community is incredible in its passion, and together we sold out our first production batch.


Here’s an update on where we are right now, and when to expect delivery of your Meurals. The quick run-down of what we’re working on:

In our New York headquarters:

  • Completing and testing Meural’s mobile application (iOS/Android) and user website. 
  • Collecting and uploading beautiful images to Meural’s permanent collection database. 
  • Finalizing the out-of-box experience - including manual, instructional video, and hanging package.

At our Shenzhen manufacturing facility:

  • Manufacturing and testing of the Meural on-board computer.
  • Building and testing of the Meural sensors - including the gesture control and the ambient light sensor.

At our wood workshop in Pennsylvania:

  • Completing and reviewing the beautiful wooden frames.

At our California manufacturing facility:

  • Printing paper materials.
  • Building the packaging - boxes, foam, etc.
  • Preparing the assembly line for final assembly.

We will ship directly from our California facility, beginning in early December for US orders. We expect to hit the December holidays timeframe for units being shipped in the US (barring any unforeseen challenges). Our international users will get their Meural frame in early January.


As well as completing and delivering the final product, we’re making big updates to the Meural experience, including some special and surprising features (stay tuned). In addition, we’ll soon be announcing new content partnerships to expand our permanent collection.


Lastly - and most importantly - we’ve spoken to many of our supporters at length, and much of the feedback and comments we’ve received have helped shape Meural. A huge shout out to all the people who have shared their ideas and feedback and concerns and opinions with us - you know who you are. If we haven’t spoken with you yet - we’ll be reaching out after you receive your Meurals to get your thoughts.

Building a delightful product isn’t easy. There are many challenges and your support has been inspiring to us.

If you’re in the New York area, reach out to stop by and meet our team.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

- The Meural Team