Meural is a platform for access and discovery of art and photography. In order for it to successfully achieve this purpose, we had to ensure art and photography look GREAT on the Meural. I wrote about the research and development for the display, today I will cover the ambient light sensor and its integration.

Printed, painted, and other organic images have a natural adjustment to light, so that it’s always easy on the viewer’s eyes. Electronic displays usually operate at a constant brightness level, which the viewer can change upon their discretion. We felt that in order to respect the mediums of art and photography, we had to duplicate the ‘natural adjustment’ element of organic images.

This means that we needed an ambient light sensor to read the light settings of the Meural. The ambient light sensor provides the input to our computer, and the computer adjusts the luminance level of the Meural. So whether your room is pitch black or flooded with light, the Meural makes your art and photos look natural. We’ve also enabled user control of the luminance level, if you want images to have a specific brightness level.

We’ve invited hundreds of artists and photographers to check out the Meural, and they’re always giving us rave reviews on the image quality. Many think that the Meural display is an organic image. The key for us was combining technology: ambient light sensor, a powerful computer, a special matte finish, IPS display.

- Jerry