Paper Boats, a submission by “Schwarzesauge”, taken in Vienna, Austria.

We’ve recently partnered with Lomography (a company and community dedicated to experimental and creative photography) to create a contest built around one very odd German word, Sehnsucht. Information is below and here. The contest is nearly over, but you can still submit before this Saturday—so pick up your favorite Lomography camera, get inspired and take the winning snap.

Mark Twain once said, “Some German words are so long that they have perspective.” One such word is Sehnsucht, an intense yearning for something far off and indefinable—a feeling no photographer is a stranger to. Let the concept lead you on a path discovery, and capture your own definition of ‘sehnsucht’, whether it’s with light leaks, blurs or an arresting array of color. The deadline for submission is June 6th, 2016, so start thinking how you’d make your picture worth not a thousand words, but one very German one.

You can also review our current submissions here.