In each installment, a guest writer chooses one Pantone color they find particularly meaningful, intriguing, or just aesthetically beautiful—and tells us why. 

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By Shelby Seier, founder of the Creative Activism Network

A month ago, my pick would be a rich orange, or the exact color of lavender that graced the walls of my childhood bedroom. However, the contentious national political climate and constant emergence of wearisome truths leaves me fixated on the color black. It is the color I see when I close my eyes for a deep breath. Black reminds me of the color of my high school darkroom before turning on the overhead safelight. In both instances, there is a sense of comfort and safety. 

In theater, we use blackouts to segment and to pause. Many confuse darkness with an end, but I see black as a transition to something new. The colors we witness after seeing black possess more clarity than before. Too often we think of black as a finality, but black is more powerful when viewed as an opportunity for reflection. 

My second grade art teacher instructed that white paint is the absence of color and black paint is all colors combined. Black is everything all at once. It’s healthy to spend a few moments there every once in a while. 

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