In each installment, a guest writer chooses one Pantone color they find particularly meaningful, intriguing, or just aesthetically beautiful—and tells us why. 

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By Cori Corinne & Mary Kate Henry, of Avec

Cori Corinne: I’m in awe of this rosy, muddy hue. It summons memories lost in the pink matter of my mind. I see it as a satin finish on the lips of my sister as she prepared to meet the love of her life—or so she thought, in her naivety. I hear it as ‘God Save The Queen’ ringing through the walls of my first boyfriend’s bedroom, that dull pink album in the grips of his angst. Its scent lies like a blanket over the room where my grandmother found peace—dyed roses meticulously arranged to mask the disorder of grief. This dusty hue may not be beautiful, but the memories it stirs are visceral and deep.

Mary Kate Henry: When I was four, my family rented a second floor apartment in the Philadelphia suburbs from an old, widowed woman, Mrs. Ezzio. Her walls were painted this somber 70’s pink, the rooms filled with furniture and florals to match. Her white lace curtains were always drawn, making her dark furniture all the more gloomy. Lest this sound charming and retro given the hue’s recent resurgence, I assure you it was not. Ms. Ezzio’s quarters were so unsettling that my younger sister and I can both recall nearly every eerie detail of the apartment almost 20 years later. Looming pink walls still occasionally make their way into my dreams and subconscious, bringing with them a bizarre nostalgia. Her decor preferences aside, Mrs. Ezzio herself was a delight. Her delicious pizzelle cookies and sincere love for my family stamped themselves much more firmly on my memory than did her interiors. But I can’t say I’ll ever be able to appreciate that color again.

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