Equal parts beauty and precision

Elegant craftsmanship and our TrueArt technology combine to deliver an organic and lifelike art-viewing experience.

Meural Canvas each model

Built-in ambient light sensor

Each image seamlessly adjusts to match the room’s lighting.

Anti-glare matte display

Our screens are designed to deflect light and organically amplify color.

Horizontal and vertical modes

The Meural Canvas is versatile—it's simple and easy to change orientations

Meural Canvas portrait orientation
Meural Canvas landscape orientation

Authentic wood frame

The Meural Canvas was designed by Richard Clarkson. With three styles to choose from, the frame can augment any interior.

Meural Canvas authentic wood

Simple and intuitive control

Control with gesture

Wave your hand to browse through art, learn more about each piece, access device settings, and more.

Girl using gesture on Meural Canvas
my.meural.com DaVinci

Control from your smartphone or desktop

The Meural app lets you control all major features, and find new artwork for your space. On my.meural.com, you can access your personal dashboard, the innovative drag and drop timeline, and more.

Meural Canvas and mobile DaVinci

Where form meets function


We make adding art, curating your collection, and updating your frame as seamless as possible.

Built-in memory

With 8GB of memory, you can keep ~2,000 images on your frame at one time.

Energy efficient

Each Meural Canvas uses less energy than a common lightbulb.

Meural Canvas back
Meural Canvas slanted with forest image

Size/aspect ratio

With a 27" display and a 9:16 aspect ratio, the Meural Canvas fits any space.

Nylon cloth cord

Our cord comes in white, black, and blue, and is designed to blend into any interior.

Nylon cloth cord

Technical specs

27” 1080p IPS Display with Anti-Glare Technology
1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution
300 cd/m2 Brightness
1.8 GHz Quad Core ARM Cortex-A17
8GB Storage
802.11 b/g/n WiFi + Bluetooth
Standard Frame Dimensions - 29”x 18”x 1.5”
Includes Cord and Power Adapter